In case of technical problems, please contact

Carsten Elsner
E-Mail: el(at)
Tel: +49 (531) 391 5066

under specification of your used OS and browser.

Q: When I try to open a pdf-File, I receive a "File corrupted" error message

A: You probably use an older version of Firefox or Seamonkey! Please update your browser or install the Firefox Add-On pdf-Download.
Otherwise you can save it to your computer (Right Mouse Button -> "Save File...").

F: Do I need an username, to use the Digital Library?

A: No. You can all features of the Digital Library with guest privileges.

F: I can't find my Ph.D. Thesis.

A: Every file we put into the Digital Library stays in the so called 'Workflow'. We release it as soon as everything (i. e. the faculty confirmation) is done.