Bread, peace and the attrition of power: Economic events and German election results / by Irem Batool and Gernot Sieg. - (Working Paper Series / Economics Department ; No. 3)

Autor/en :Batool, Irem
Sieg, Gernot
Institut / Verlag :Braunschweig : Inst. für Volkswirtschaftslehre, 2008. - [Neue, verbesserte Ausgabe 2009]
Fakultät :01 - Carl-Friedrich Gauß-Fakultät
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Umfang :27 S.
Sprache :englisch
Kurzfassung :Aggregate votes for incumbent parties in post-war Germany were determined by the weighted-average growth of real per capita disposable income. Each percentage point of per capita real disposable income growth sustained over the legislative term yielded approximately two percentage points of votes in Germany. No other economic variables add value or significantly perturb the coefficients of our model. However, attrition of power reduced the vote share in election years 1961, 1994 and 1998.
Schlagwörter :bread and peace model, elections, vote share, real per capita disposable income growth
Sachgebiet :330 Wirtschaft
320 Politik
Typ :Publikationen der TU Braunschweig
Format :Text/Dokument
URN:NBN :urn:nbn:de:gbv:084-24452
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