Full scale near surface water particle velocities and pressures acting on an inclined tubular member / by Fritz Büsching and Eckehard Martini

Autor/en :Büsching, Fritz
Martini, Eckehard
Institut / Verlag :Braunschweig : Leichtweiß-Inst. für Wasserbau, 1980
Elektronisch veröffentlicht: 14.10.2013
Fakultät :06 - Bauingenieurwesen
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Umfang :17 S.
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Kurzfassung :A field investigation programme on simultaneous wave force and water particle velocity measurements is decribed with reference to an inclined tubular member subjected to offshore wave kinematics. First measurements at supercritical Reynolds numbers indicate strong irregularities in successively taken pressure distributions on the circumference of the test section as well as in the velocity vectors. The influence of superimposed tidal currents is obvious.
Sachgebiet :620 Ingenieurwissenschaften
Typ :Publikationen der TU Braunschweig
Format :Text/Dokument
Auch erschienen in :Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Coastal Engineering Sydney. Australia, March 1980
URN:NBN :urn:nbn:de:gbv:084-13101409518
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